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With a long-life battery, smoothing paddling, and excellent braking features, Simino offers a wide selection of high-performing folding eBikes for both daily commutes and leisurely rides. Best suited for all city or countryside commuting, Simino’s portable folding eBikes can be housed in a hatchback car for transport or a small garage. Built with a heat-treated and anti-corrosive Aluminum frame, our eBikes are designed to perform in all weather conditions. While ensuring comfort, our highly durable eBikes not only ensure portability with their unique foldable feature but the speed and power to give an enchanting riding experience.


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    Complemented with a 250W geared rear hub brushless powerful motor and an LG 48V 15A enduring battery, Simino eBikes are the perfect choice for aggressive performance and the fastest response on any path. They feature front-mounted batteries that can be detached from a bicycle. Our eBikes come with features of Shimano Avera 8speed and front and rear Hydraulic disc brake to provide the ultimate balance and total control over all types of trail. With the highest speed of 40kmph, our foldable eBike can ride up to 70-80km on a single charge.