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Electric cargo bikes are the perfect choice for individuals and local businesses who want to use the vehicle for transporting goods, luggage, or even children. Simino offers a wide range of electric cargo bikes equipped with high sturdy boxes to carry luggage or transport school children safely. We have an eye-catching selection of electric cargo bikes that combine great value with great performance.


    Experience Urban Riding with More Torque & Extended Boost

    Fusion of Utility, Style, Comfort, and Handling

    Built with Al-alloy 6061 frame and powered with a Hengtai hub motor producing 80 Nm of torque, Simino’s electric cargo bikes are best suited for quick and easy movement of goods. Being one of the best electric cargo bike makers, our electric cargo bikes are well-equipped with wide all-terrain tires, and a front-fork suspension that facilitates a smooth and comfortable ride even on the bumpiest roads. A 500W powerful battery makes the electric cargo bike fulfill all your daily transport needs, with a range of covering 70-80km in one go.