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Equipped with a host of new features along with a freshly redesigned look, Simino’s electric city bike is the perfect choice for bicycle lovers for the roughest terrain. With a sleekly integrated battery and stylish appearance, our electric city bikes are best designed to give the right mix of comfort and control to the riders. Whether you are a professional or a leisure rider, the features including metal fenders, hydraulic disk brakes, comfortable saddle, and grip, will surely enrich your riding experience as never before.


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    Built with an Aluminum alloy frame with a fully integrated battery and suspension fork, our Simino offers the most affordable eBikes on the market. Integrated with a 500W motor with 80N/M of torque, our electric city bikes boast of powerful componentry that ensures performance and control. Ads -on features like Color LCD display with Bluetooth, torque sensor, and Lishui sign wave intelligent controller makes riding even more adventurous and thrilling.