Wuyi Simino Industry and Trade Co, . Ltd is a company that just produce kinds of high quality electric bicycles, with all components from famous suppliers

Our company occupies an area of 10000 square meters and has advanced facilities of electric bicycle production line /ebike conversion kit production line. Our annual production capacity is 30000 sets.

Simino Bike With all our importers around the world, we make an international contract, giving real warranty and assistance We have been in the business of electric bicycles for 9years and have reached a warranty of 1.5%, from our factory, you can customize the order as you want, and we will produce exactly what you order, offering you the best service in terms of quality, performance, style and safety of each component. We have EN15194, EN14764, TUV, certificate issued by European Commission.
We use the most advanced technology, to improve product quality constantly. So that make our products occupy a leading position in its class.

Our company is always looking for new partners, we are sure that our bicycle will help you import the light high quality products that your are looking for, constantly develops new products with leading the global market trends.
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CEO Name:Guojie Mob:+86 137 3570 2773 wechat:137 3570 2773 Email:guojie@siminoebike.com
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